Monday, March 17, 2008

Small Matter Big Affect-Why MIC or BN never do this?

Small Matter Big Affect -
Why MIC or BN never do this before?

This happend to be before election 8th March 2008.

The residents said the signs were totally unnecessary, as the previous sign boards were only replaced last year and were still quite new.

“It is a total waste of money,” said Taman Seputeh Residents Association chairman G. Simon.
“Why change it in the first place. They did not only change the signs, but the poles as well. It is such a waste of funds,” he added.

Resident Y. W. Yeoh said that residents of Taman Seputeh Kuala Lumpur have been requesting for a proper walkway for their neighbourhood for years but instead got this.

“What we need is walkways, not road signs. In any case what’s the rationale for using the Jawi translation? “Because of the Jawi signages, the letterings are smaller and makes it difficult to read, especially at night,” said Yeoh. Resident K.H Lim said he could not understand the need for using Jawi.

When the mayor was informed that Arab tourists never come to Taman Seputeh, his spokesman replied that having street names in Jawi was in line with Islam Hadhari. When residents complaint about Jawi in signboard. If the reason was because it would benefit Arab tourists – my question is why use Jawi and not Arabic?

And now after GE12

Why she YB /MP Teresa Kok can do this. And why MIC or BN never do this before. Small matter big affect. Thanks YB /MP Teresa Kok and Barisan Rakyat for Muhibah Signboard.

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what i look it is very good but there is no word for bahasa jawi hope puan tressa can put it in line with the other word

thank .
*even do u ere chiness but u are a wonderful leader*


zol mahdon
long live pakatan rakyat takbir allahuakbar......